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Surprise Creampie Part 1

My wife and I were going through a time of unsatisfying amateur style sex when she suggested that we try blind folds. From the very start I loved it and she enjoyed it to, especially when she added bondage to our routines. Well one day she called me at work and said that when I got home that she had a big surprise for me. Needless to say I was waiting for the day to get over as quickly as possible!

When I came in the house Julie was upstairs in the guest bedroom and yelled down to me saying she would be there in a minute and that the first of my surprises was on the coffee table. I went to the coffee table and smiled to myself when I saw that she had bought a few back issues of Penthouse Forum for me to read. I took this as a hint of what was to come and so I started reading. I soon removed my tool from its cage, so to speak, and began stroking it as I read. I became so engrossed in my reading that I didnt notice Julie reading over my shoulder until she spoke.

I'll see you are enjoying the stories. Oh ya, I said looking over my shoulder and seeing her there smiling with nothing on but an unfastened robe. Well come with me there my little pervert and Ill show you the rest of your creampie surprise, but first take off the rest of your cloths. After quickly removing my clothing she told me to walk over to her.

When I got close to her she grabbed my cock and began stroking it until she was sure it was plenty hard and then used it like a leI did she took out some straps from under the bed and began tieing me down, face up. Once this step was completed she placed a blindfold over my eyes occasionally rubbing her vaginal sweetness against my lips. Once it was securely fastened she then got down to the foot of the bed and began licking and stroking my cock. After just a short time of this she got up off the bed and said, Dont go anywhere Ill be right back. When she got back she sat down next to me on the bed and began gently stroking me as she talked. Are you getting exited yet? she asked. I could only reply with a soft moan.

She then gave out an unusually wicked laugh and began a cycle of stroking and sucking me almost to creampie in her panties and then backing off. After about 6 or 7 times of this she asked, Are you REALLY excited? I was shaking with nerves from having been left hanging for so long. All I could do was give an eager nod.

That's good., she replied as she tied a gag to my mouth. Now its time for youre real surprise! She slowly slide her naked body over mine and laid next to me as she whispered in my ear: You remember my old amateur stud Scott dont you? The one you are so jealous of? I could feel someone else get on the bed next to my wife as she said,Hi lover, come show Michael how youve been pleasing me for the past couple of months. I couldnt believe this! Not only was my wife having an affair but she was going to fuck him right next to me! Ummm, that's it Scott suck on my tits while I stroke youre hard cock!

Surprise Creampie Part 2

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