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Debbie's Creampie Surprise

Heres another great creampie video series that I stumbled across at amateur creampie panties. This is the sister site to Creampie Hunnies and if you purchase a membership to one you get access to both, which is truely excellent, especially when its only 14.95 a month to join. Anyway onto the video, Debbie is an extremely attractive blonde, she has an amazing look not found in many, meaning of many porn girls. She definetly not your average blonde big titted creampie porn star bimbo loaded with fake boobies.

Anyways, shes must be about 18 I would think, no information on her, but with looks like that, it doesn't really matter does it? She sports some big and puffy boobie and her nipples are as perky and pointy as any I've seen and they come right to attention when becomes excited thru the scene. Her cute little snatch is shaved completely, which give us many great shots of her peachy cunt lips as they wrap tightly around her studs penis during the sex scenes.

This creampie surprise set gets started with Debbie on a daybed of all things, her hung stud enters the scene and they exchange goo-goo eyes with no hinting of innocense considering the grabby hands of lover boy work over her body and pull up her tight fitting blowse. As he gropes his way along her amazing upper body he works into position to continue his de-clothing efferts, first pulling down her skirt, and then doing a number on the neon green panties she has covering her fertile crotch.

With the creampie panties removed he goes to work on her clit and pussy, laping and licking the now completely naked amateur girl smiles as she enjoys the attention and gasps in excitement as his tongue probes her vaginal hole. Ready for some attention himself, he stands to present his swollen pecker, still dressed but Deb does a fine job of breaking out the toy that will soon be planting creampie in her womb.

After loosing her panties, Debbie goes after his cock, sucking it into her throat, and she gives him some great oral attention to prepare it for its eventual place inside her body. With hard and saliva covered penis he is ready for action, and turns her over onto her back for the first penetration. With her pussy spread wide Debbie takes the whole thing deep and the camera zooms in the catch an amazing closeup of her cock filled snatch.

The action and the surprise ending continue to move ahead and build thruout the movie as sweet little Deb continues to take her studs cock in several differnent fashions, from cowgirl, both forward and reverse, even stopping briefly for a titty fuck with her plump breasts and the closeups continued to kept me watching as the anticipation of the creampie panties that would soon cum.

With humping hips and grunts and groans mr big pecker unleashed his load and one steam of cum after another enters her womb and she looked up a little in surprise which makes me think she didn't know that was gonna happen. Now not that it matters I guess cause she done been had and no amount of surprise was gonna change the past and remove all those little swimmers that where now making their way thru the fertile highway inside her womanhood to find a egg.

Regarldess of the creampie surprise she took the blast and thru caution to the wind as they say... then smiled gleefully at the camera is it zoomed in to capture the creampie that was now dribbling down the crack of her panties and from the depths her tight crotch. The nasty white globs of sperm slowly bubbled up from inside, covering her lips and ass with the leftovers of her studs manly surprise creampie load.

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