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What can I say about this lovely lass. Pure perfection cums to mind when you look into those beautiful eyes and follow the curves of her amazing body. I discovered this juicy piece of teen flesh on a recent visit to anna's creampie panties site, she was featured in one of the exclusive vaginal cumshot videos.

First lets begin with a complete exam of Anna and the assets she brings to the table in what is supposed to be her first internal cumshot scene. Only being a tender and young eighteen years of age surely accounts for the super tight ass and incredibly perky breasts but this sweetheart is a true work of pure beauty, with long legs, straight dark hair, and a cunt that just begs for cock. The surprise was especially fun considering i'm a fan of the panties which wrap tightly around her fertile dripping snatch.

The movie opens with sweet and petite little miss finding herself at the attention of one of creampie hunnies young boner sporting studs. They embrace each other with sultry gazes, kissing and cuddling, and the slowly work towards the touchy feely foreplay which is intended to bring a stiff one from your pants. As the moment between them intensifies mr studly goes in to strip off the shredded blue jeans and light purple top Anna is wearing, this gives us the first reveal Annas bra and white panties which are so gracefully covering those perfect assets I mentioned earlier.

Now I love to watch hot couples play around and its more enjoyable when the fun is evident. What I mean by that is shown by Anna and her lover because thruout you can tell they are truely having fun especially when she looks into his eyes and spreads her long thighs to expose the vaginal creampie playground.

The hardcore stuff is up next and it begins with mr hard cock going in for a taste of that tender pussy. It was a surprise to see that Anna loves the feeling of his warm tongue probing the depths of that wet vaginal baby hole as she humps wildly against his face while gasping in pleasure. Returning the oral favors comes next, and she gobbles up his stiff erection with vigor, tickling the base of his penis with her pink lips while wrapping her tongue around the base throbbing head. As Anna swallows cock the cameraman swings around to give us a birds eye view or her black furry mount covering those tight and swollen pussy lips.

With a hard and spit covered cock mr stud is ready for action, so he turns her over doggy for the first penetration. With her cunt in the air Anna takes the whole thing deep and the camera zooms in the catch an amazing closeup of her cock filled pussy. He begins to hammer cock home in this position, its amazing that such a tiny teen like her can handle all that meat but she takes it like a veteran. Anna then rolls over to take it missionary and we get to enjoy even more great closeups of that un-sheathed sperm pumper working its way into the deep fertile recesses of her body.

One of my favorite panties for the creampie panties moment is spoon, and I was thrilled to see them return to it for the cum loading. Anna rolls over onto the sofa and he moves in to breed her from behind, it was great to watch because I knew in this position the creampie would be deep and surely bathe her cervix in hot cum. With bucking hips and grunts and groans he blew, once sticky batch of cum after another entered her womb and she looked up a little surprised at one moment which made me think she didn't know he was gonna do that to her but it didn't matter anymore, she was had, and no amount of panties was gonna change the fact that little swimmers where now making their way thru vaginal highway inside her panties to find a home.

I loved this amateur panties video and it was amazing to see yet another fine pussy dripping full of hot creampie. Did it in end in impregnation, I don't know, but in that position and given the right time of cycle, it would be surprised to find out just one of those troopers found a fresh egg.

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